Ready to CAPTAIN your ship to new horizons? 

 Brimming with new maps of uncharted territory, new hidden treasures, and new mates, let's scale up your biz (and ship)! 


Welcome to the Captain's Lounge.


The FIRST high-ticket coaching program in our wedding photography industry



You've been in the Business Map for over 12 months now, celebrating one milestone after's time to ditch the ol' sailor hat and step into a higher-level room.


Fast-Track Your Success in 6 Months

The Captain's Lounge is an intensive 6-month course for those who are ready for the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.

Fast-tracking your growth so you can scale your biz with ease and confidence, this is your opportunity to challenge your potential and crush all the "maybe it's just luck" doubt.

Because you and I both know you're capable of SO MUCH MORE!

NEW Course Modules

Concreting your foundations, dive into brand-new course content inside the Captain's Lounge!

Clarifying the unknown and boosting your confidence, you'll tackle all the must-know strategies to effortlessly scale your business. 

Fortnightly Masterminds

With group coaching calls every two weeks, you'll have complete guidance throughout your 6-month journey.

Level up with me, your fellow captains and enjoy masterminding with other industry-loved educators.  


Tight-Knit Community

Limited to 100 members at any one time, this is a space dedicated to accelerating your success.

With less noise and more accountability, you'll achieve more results and  make stronger connections within a shorter timeframe.

Tailored to make your "impossible" goals possible

Are you stuck at a crossroads where you know where you want to go but need the 'how' to connect the dots?

  • You want to scale your business to the next level to create more sustainable income
  • You're ready to grow your team and lead the right people to share your vision
  • You're planning to launch multiple businesses to diversify your talents and income

If you've said 'yes' to any of the above - and have no idea where to start - the Captain's Lounge is that next step you've been looking for!

From building a team to unlocking more passive income, this course will help you to free up your time so you can focus on the things you LOVE.

No more spreading yourself thin and sabotaging/delaying your success. Make today the day your future self thanks you for.

I am SO ready! Count me in!!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the mastermind topics...

  • Cultivating a Next-Level Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Thought Leadership: Finding Your Voice as a Leader
  • Building Your Dream Team
  • Choosing & Launching Your Next Venture
  • How to Successfully Run Multiple Ventures 
  • Diversifying Your Skillset
  • How to Pitch Yourself
  • Smart Investing & Retirement Habits for the Self-Employed
  • The Power of Non-Monetary Goals
  • Becoming a Risk Taker
  • Protecting Your Seven-Figure Mental Health

And of course, all suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

Let us know how we can best help you nurture your entrepreneurial skillset and mindset to reach goals wilder than you could've ever imagined!

Become a Founding Member to save 50% off today

If you enrol today, you'll become one of our founding members, helping us to build the Captain's Lounge program from the ground up.

While we've already brainstormed the main course modules to include, we want YOU to tell us what you need and how to best serve you! 

In return for your contribution, you'll enjoy a whopping 50% off our full membership cost. That's $2497 instead of $4997 - it'll never be offered at this 'founding member' pre-sale price again.

This pre-sale offer ends on 7th of June 2022.

The Captain's Lounge program will officially begin in September 2022.

Pay in Full

$2497 USD

Exclusive 50% Off Pre-Sale Offer

  • High-level course modules
  • Group coaching calls
  • Masterminds with guest educators
  • In-person retreat
  • Close-knit community
  • Dedicated community platform

6-Month Payment Plan

$417USD p.m.

First month payment saves your spot

  • High-level course modules
  • Group coaching calls
  • Masterminds with guest educators
  • In-person retreat
  • Close-knit community
  • Dedicated community platform


Ace Hotel & Swim Club
Palm Springs, California πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄

Balancing the biz hustle, never-ending to-do list, and showing up for your family and friends, no one sees the sweat, tears, pain, and sacrifice behind the scenes.   

It's time you put YOU first.πŸ’›

As part of your Captain's Lounge journey, you'll have the opportunity to join us at an in-person retreat*. Filled with mindful activities and purposeful relaxation, connect and reset with your fellow high-vibe, like-minded captains. Cocktail hour, every day, baby!

*Everything except for your flight and accommodation will be included.

Take Charge of Your Success.

Be the Change YOUR Future Needs.

If you're ready to scale up your business and unleash new levels of success, more than you could have ever imagined, the Captain's Lounge is for YOU!

There are always more wins to celebrate, more clients to wow, and more money to be made.

You just need to take the reigns and become the force your business needs. Believe in yourself as much as we believe in you.

FULL PRICE IS $4997. Save 50%! Pre-sale ends on 7th of June.

Pre-Enrol for $2497 Today!

Because Your Wins are Ours Too! πŸ₯°

"Hey Jai and team,

Just wanted to share a massive win for 2022, I hit $250k for bookings in 2022.

Can't have done it without your support, guidance and determination."

Kevin Du
Images by Kevin

"I hit record numbers this month ($20,200.69) and I'm so excited about where my business is headed.

 But possibly the biggest win this month was the mindset shift I started to see towards the end of the month."

Kylie Brianne
Kylie Brianne Photography

"I fucking did it!!! One month before my membership of Business Map ends...I reach my unrealistic goal of 250k...

Can't wait for the next year here!! So thankful for this community and Jai Long!"

Silvina Salas
Mayan Riviera Photography

The BEST bet you'll ever make is on YOURSELF.

You're the only one who can break through your self-limiting beliefs to rewrite your success story.

Others may call it "luck" but you know the reality. You've worked your arse off to get this far, surviving bouts of burnout to get a step ahead. But you can't possibly keep scaling your business by being a one-person show! 

Learn how to streamline your operations, grow your team and become the captain your biz needs.

Let's win back your time, energy, creativity (and sanity) - and put your success on autopilot.

I'm Ready to be a Captain πŸ™Œ


More Questions? We've got you.

If you have any questions about the Captain's Lounge or would like to chat about whether this course is the right fit for you, drop us an email via [email protected] .

Alternatively, you can also book a free 15-minute Zoom call for an honest brainstorm. No sales pitch, just guidance to help you make the best choice for you and your biz!

I'm in Your Corner πŸ’“

As a 7-figure serial entrepreneur, I've been where you are right now - it's been a long road of ups and downs - and I don't want you to repeat any of the time-and-money wasting mistakes I made. 

I was us to learn, grow, and rise together because there's enough to go around. This is EXACTLY why you need to get into the same room with your fellow high achievers and relentless dreamers - you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with!

You'll have way bigger results than if you tackled the unknown alone. And I'll be right by your side, sharing my proven strategies and insights to ensure your success.

Ready to do this, Captain?