The Ultimate Bundle 🙌

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Yep, it's your lucky day, photographers! Purposefully created to help you level up your portfolio AND profits, we've bundled our top 4 mini online courses to give you the boost you've been waiting for. 

With 50% off the total cost, this is a no-brainer investment for taking your photography business to the next level.

Valued at a total of $1290, the Ultimate Bundle includes:

1️⃣The Upsell Academy

2️⃣Posing & Lighting

3️⃣Album Academy

4️⃣ Styled Shoot Kit 

annnd a FREE bonus, our 🎁 High-Converting Email Templates!


Ready to wow your clients and make more money?


Whether you're completely new to business or have been in the photography industry for a while, it's always the *right* time to savvy up your skills and confidence so you can show up 110% for your dream clients.

Why procrastinate when you can start taking big action and celebrating even bigger results TODAY, right?

That's why we've taken the time to identify, understand and SOLVE the common pain points all photographers share.

What's the big deal about the Ultimate Bundle?


Besides saving your hard-earned money, each mini-course has been designed to take your business and mindset further than ever before.

👉 Mini-Course 1: The Upsell Academy

Master how to upsell your photography products and services to increase your profit margins.

👉Mini-Course 2: Posing & Lighting

Nail down the art of orchestrating portrait shoots and mastering all indoor/outdoor lighting situations

👉 Mini-Course 3: Album Academy

Design, sell, and deliver your clients' wedding albums with effortless confidence.

👉 Mini-Course 4: Styled Shoot Kit

Elevate your portfolio with intentionally styled shoots to attract your dream clients.

🎁 Free Bonus34 Email Templates

Swipe our 34 high-converting email templates, purposefully written to transform your wedding enquiries into bookings. Includes variations for elopement, couples and lifestyle photographers!

Quit second-guessing yourself and start building a business that's worth obsessing over.😎


Get lifetime access today for $1290 ONLY $645


Because you deserve to love and LIVE the life you've created

...and f*ck being a struggling artist

Here's the breakdown of what's included in each course


You'll have lifetime access to all 4 online courses - dip in and out as much as you like!

Mini-Course 1

The Upsell Academy


Keeping it simple with 5 core training videos, the Upsell Academy will break it all down:

✔WHY upsells are important and how to nurture your sales mindset

✔WHAT products and services you can upsell

✔HOW to promote and sell your upsells

✔WHEN to upsell throughout a client's journey

✔PRICING your products and services to maximise desirability


This mini-course will walk you through the EASIEST way to create sustainable income throughout your busy and quiet seasons - so you can make more money while better serving your clients!


Valued at $297

Mini-Course 2

Posing & Lighting


Showing you exactly how I shoot award-winning images, including how to: 

✔Confidently interact with couples to get natural poses

✔Ease your couple's nerves so they're instantly comfortable (and more cooperative)

✔Shoot on & off-camera flash during ceremony, reception & creative portraits

✔Capture amazing portraits in midday harsh sunlight

✔Shoot huge group photos and family/ wedding party photos


With 5 easy-to-follow video modules, the Posing & Lighting mini-course will help you feel 100% confident capturing natural portraits, in all situations, throughout your clients' wedding days.


Valued at $497

Mini-Course 3

Album Academy


All the how-to knowledge and simple tools to start offering wedding albums in your photography business, including:

✔Must-know basics from finding the perfect album supplier to contracts and setting client expectations.

✔How to lay out your album for an aesthetic and emotive narrative, including album cover design.

✔How to make money all year round by getting your pricing structure, sales funnels, and flash sales right

✔How to over-deliver your albums with TLC and score those 5-star client reviews.

✔A complete step-by-step guide for ordering picture-perfect wedding albums through your favourite suppliers.

BONUS: Album Cover Template (.PSD file) from one of my best-selling album designs!


Empowering you to create and sell more albums in your business, my simple 5-step strategy will save your time and creative energy to do more of what you love.


Valued at $349

Mini-Course 4

Styled Shoot Kit


Jam-packed with $1000+ worth of video training and templates, this complete Styled Shoot Kit includes:

✔'How-To' Training Video to walk you through everything from planning to setup, from scratch

✔Budget Planner (Google Excel Spreadsheet) to automatically tally your running costs against your budget

✔Timeline Template (Google Doc) to outline all your planning including an overview, locations, wardrobe, expectations and run sheet

✔Shoot Guide Template (InDesign/ Canva PDF) so you can easily customise and share with other vendors

✔Shoot Contract (professionally prepared by a lawyer) to personalise and share with your styled shoot team


Purposefully curated so you can confidently plan and execute an amazing styled shoot so you can proudly show off your portfolio, attract your target market, and grow your biz!


Valued at $147

Free Bonus

Email Templates


34 email templates to help you nail those bookings and 5-star reviews, including:

✓ Initial booking enquiry & follow-ups

✓ Unavailable for wedding date

✓ Booking deposit request - enquiries for the same date

✓ Booking confirmation

✓ Vendor introduction

✓ Post-booking follow-up/ check-in

✓ Sneak peek reveal

✓ Slideshow & Gallery - client delivery

✓ Review request

✓ Gallery submission for publication

✓ Collaboration opportunity & requests


Streamline your workflow and knock out emails in less than 5 minutes with our tried-tested-and-totally works templates!


Valued at $47


Hey 👋, I'm Jai Long!


A high-level business coach for wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs, you've probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

When I was first starting out, I wished I had a mentor to guide me through the highs and lows and keep me accountable. Someone to show me the ropes and teach me what works and what doesn’t to save me the time, energy and money that gets wasted on trial and error.

Beyond the liberation of financial success, the one thing I’m most proud of is the amazing community I’ve created. A like-minded community of photographers and creatives who are carving their own path, hundreds of whom have successfully built their own six-figure businesses and beyond.

It’s powerfully rewarding to support my community go through life-changing transformations, overhauling their mindsets and stepping into their empowered selves.

Elevate your clients' experience AND increase your revenue - at the same time.


It's time to give your clients something they're already looking for AND create extra revenue in your business, without extra work.


Happy clients, happy you...happy business all around.


Purchase the Ultimate Bundle now for $645 🔥

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