Your COMPLETE Styled Shoot Kit 

Elevate your portfolio with dreamy styled shoots - made easy 😍


No matter which stage you're at, a styled shoot will help you to flex your creativity, attract your ideal clients, and GROW your biz.

Let me show you exactly how you can bring your vision to life...the world needs to know what they're missing out on!


Create scroll-stopping content and get enquiries lining up in your inbox!


For wedding photographers, vendors and creators, styled shoots are the perfect way to level up your portfolio and online presence. Whether you're transitioning into a different niche, exploring a new style or launching a hot offer, you can create drool-worthy content for your website, socials and marketing!


This complete online training kit is jam-packed with $1000+ worth of video training and templates so you can...


✔ Confidently execute a styled shoot to elevate your portfolio - without wasting time/money and second-guessing yourself

✔ Explore your goal-aligned creativity with clarity - while sticking to your allocated shoot budget and timings

✔ Communicate with your styled shoot team effectively and share a united vision - no oversights or miscommunication

EVERYTHING you need to style-shoot your way into your dream clients' hearts


Get lifetime access today for ONLY $147 $97


Because your art deserves to be celebrated

...and your style isn't static - embrace it, EVOLVE it!

Empowering you with 100% confidence to take charge

- eliminating all "oops" hiccups


Preparation leads to success. From setting up collaborations with like-minded vendors to organising a run sheet, the more prepared you are, the easier it'll be to execute your styled shoot vision.

Less Stress + No Overwhelm = More Creative Fun 


Taking out all the guesswork with simple how-to steps, the Styled Shoot Kit includes: 


This video tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to plan and set up a styled shoot from scratch. 


Use my Budget Planner Google Excel sheet to tally your running costs against your allocated budget - so you can maximise your investment!


A Google Doc to outline all your planning including an overview, initial meeting location, wardrobe, expectations and run sheet.


Available in InDesign and Canva, use this template to create, customise and share your own styled shoot PDF with other vendors.


This styled shoot contract has been professionally put together by our lawyer. Personalise and share with your shoot team.


Here's the #1 reason why I LOVE styled shoots...


No matter how long I've been in the industry, I still love planning styled shoots because you don't need a client to create epic photos!

This means you're not confined to a client's creative vision, what they want to wear, the location or their timeline. YOU get to flex YOUR creativity, take control and create intentional art.

You get to call (and take) the shots!


By the end of the training, you'll be confident in:


✔️ Communicating your value and setting expectations

✔️ Sourcing like-minded vendors for a dream collaboration

✔️ Setting up contracts to protect yourself

✔️ Conceptualising the shoot

✔️ Creating a shot list

✔️ Choosing picture-perfect locations

✔️ Organising your shoot timeline

✔️ Creating content to boost your presence

✔️ Getting permits for locations and gear



Hey 👋, I'm Jai Long!


A high-level business coach for wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs, you've probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

When I was first starting out, I wished I had a mentor to guide me through the highs and lows and keep me accountable. Someone to show me the ropes and teach me what works and what doesn’t to save me the time, energy and money that gets wasted on trial and error.

Beyond the liberation of financial success, the one thing I’m most proud of is the amazing community I’ve created. A like-minded community of photographers and creatives who are carving their own path, hundreds of whom have successfully built their own six-figure businesses and beyond.

It’s powerfully rewarding to support my community go through life-changing transformations, overhauling their mindsets and stepping into their empowered selves.

The Only Styled Shoot Toolkit You’ll Ever Need ✨


Styled shoots are a massive game-changer for ANY photographer or vendor.

They create the perfect opportunity for you to expand your portfolio, network with amazing vendors and have content on-demand - EXACTLY what you need to attract those dreamy clients and scale your biz!


Stop dreaming and start taking you can make it your reality. 

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