Easy Scripts for Overcoming Sales Objections

You've successfully set up an initial real-life or Zoom meeting with a potential client - and you're SO excited to learn more about their goals and let them know why you're the PERFECT person to capture their day!

Everything seems to be going well - until they challenge you with some tricky questions about your pricing and process...Eek!

Before you panic or get caught in a mind blank, make sure you download my super-helpful scripts for addressing the most popular objections during the sales process!!

Tackle Sales Objections - with Confidence!

Download my easy, go-to scripts for overcoming the most popular sales objections/concerns.

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Wouldn't it be amazing if they just booked you - without any hesitation?


...if only, right?! As creatives, we thrive when we're shooting and capturing art for our clients. But when it comes to "selling", we struggle because we don't want to come across pushy or "salesy" (eww).

But here's the thing - your clients are relying on you to SELL them on why they should choose you AND it's normal for them to have questions!

It's up to you to close the deal, not them.

Close the deal with confidence & empathy

Discover how you can help your potential clients feel seen, heard, and valued!

Use this guide to gain clarity and start filling your sales funnel with qualified leads!


In your PDF, you'll find:


🤝🏻 The difference between concerns and objections - explained

🤝🏻 My 3 biggest tips on creating trust throughout the sales process

🤝🏻 Script for "You're Out of Our Budget/ Price Range"

🤝🏻 Script for "Your Competitor Offers the Same Package at a Cheaper Price"

🤝🏻 Script for "We Don't Need That Many Hours/ Photos. Can You Offer a Cheaper Package to Suit?"

🤝🏻 Script for "I'm Not Sure, Let Me Think About It..."

🤝🏻 Script for "I Need to Chat with My Partner About This First."

🤝🏻 Bonus tips to reframe your perspective when it comes to the sales process

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