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Selling is one of the most important business skills...but, trust me, nobody's born with smooth-talking, hair-slicking sales confidence.

Let's master your sales mindset so you can turn those enquiries into bookings - effortlessly!



Let's pull back the curtains. No more secrets.


With practice, focus, and purpose-driven clarity, YOU too can master the art and science of selling (without feeling like a cringy sellout)!

In this online workshop, I'm dishing up my fool-proof sales strategy and formulas to set you up for guaranteed ka-ching! ka-ching! success.

We'll cover how to:

✔ Create desire around your work so you can automatically attract your dream clients

✔ Sell yourself with confidence to create trust - the more sold you are on yourself, the more people will sell themselves on you!

✔ Tackle popular sales objections with confidence and clarity - while creating urgency to fill your books fast

If you're ready to go from...

"Why is everyone ghosting me? Am I too expensive? Am I not good enough? 😭"


"F*ck yeah, time to close my books for 2022 and go on that damn holiday, baby!🥳"


Get it today for ONLY $27


Successful selling doesn't just increase your revenue, it also:


✔️Elevates your clients' experience with you

✔️Helps you to be sold on your own services

✔️ Improves your communication and negotiation skills

✔️Empowers your bullet-proof confidence across all areas of business


Rather than spending all your time and energy chasing new sales and cold-calling clients, you'll be able to focus on doing MORE of what you LOVE - and achieve MORE work-life freedom.

That's always the goal, isn't it?

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Book the clients you love.
Clients who love you back. 💘


You're probably thinking "if sales is so easy, why hasn't everyone else caught on? What's the catch?"

There's no catch. Selling isn't as hard as you've been taught to believe. You CAN become a sales machine without losing your authenticity or feeling sleazy.

How? Listen, solve, and serve. But don't worry, I'll break my exact sales process down and walk you through it all!

You CAN do sales without being "salesy" - it's just how good business works.



No more underselling yourself or avoiding those dreaded "salesy" conversations!

Regardless of your niche - weddings, families, lifestyle, branding or other - I want to help you level up your sales confidence so you can fill your calendar with bookings.

Training Video 1


Discover how you can attract dream clients who are ready to invest in you and your magic.

We'll dive into how you can create irresistible desire that will have them lining up in your inbox.

Training Video 2


To earn your clients' time and money, you first need to earn their trust.

Covering all the key touchpoints, I'll coach you on how you can create trust while showing up as your authentic self.

Training Video 3


You're almost at the finish line! Time to put everything into practice.

Explore how you can confidently overcome objections while emphasising 'act fast' urgency to fill your books.

Now for only $27!

 I want YOU to discover how easy it is to make more money and enjoy REAL RESULTS, without the added stress and guesswork.


If the thought of becoming a salesperson makes you feel queasy, you're not alone...most of us do because it doesn't feel natural.

All you want to do is take photos every day and live the dream. Life would be SO MUCH easier if you could skip the awkward sales bit and jump straight to creating memories for your clients, right?!

I get it!

Here's the thing - you're already AMAZING at sales. You just don't know it yet.

I'll show you the simple steps I used to scale my wedding photography biz upwards of $500k per year.

It's a lot of fun and I know you will ENJOY selling your offers to those that LOVE what you do.

Hey 👋, I'm Jai Long!


A high-level business coach for wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs, you've probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

When I was first starting out, I wished I had a mentor to guide me through the highs and lows and keep me accountable. Someone to show me the ropes and teach me what works and what doesn’t to save me the time, energy and money that gets wasted on trial and error.

Beyond the liberation of financial success, the one thing I’m most proud of is the amazing community I’ve created. A like-minded community of photographers and creatives who are carving their own path, hundreds of whom have successfully built their own six-figure businesses and beyond.

It’s powerfully rewarding to support my community go through life-changing transformations, overhauling their mindsets and stepping into their empowered selves.

Are you ready to invest $27 into booking your dream clients?

I confident that you'll walk away from this workshop ready to conquer your sales fears and transform your business!

Think about it...Would you rather save $27 and potentially lose thousands of dollars from clients choosing someone else - OR - spend $27 and EARN thousands of dollars from clients who love you AND your work?

Your choice.


Get it today for $27