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Did you know...

If you're currently making $10k per year in your business, you're likely leaving another $10k on the table. If it's $100k, that's another $100k being left behind.

WILD, right?😲 (but also true)

That's why I'm hosting this masterclass - to help you unpack your sales funnel to turn money-leaking gaps into money-making opportunities.

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Is your sales funnel working as hard for your biz as YOU are?

From attracting your client's awareness of your offerings to closing the deal, your sales funnel can make or break your business.

Yes, you probably already know what a sales funnel is - but how often do you health-check it?

Here's the deal - as your business grows, you need to proactively adapt, improve and evolve your sales funnel to match.  

If you want to make more money with little to no extra effort, you need to regularly audit and optimise your sales funnel.

Why procrastinate? Let's tackle your sales funnel together!🤩

This masterclass covers how to FIND & FIX the weak links in your current sales funnel so you can maximise your revenue ASAP.

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Sure, you could keep hustling & grinding your way to bigger paydays...

but you WILL inevitably burn out 😵


Caught up in the daily life and biz admin, juggling the piling tasks, it's likely that you've left (and blindly trusted) your sales funnel to do its thing. 

Not to mention trying to keep up with the constant shifts in our current economy and staying on top of all the changing trends in our industry.

So many to-dos, so little time.

As you business gains traction and your schedule gets busier, it's simply unsustainable to be hustling 24/7, right?

(I've been there and it's...not great)


I'm here to help you quickly & easily uncover EXISTING opportunities to make more money in your business.👌

You'll walk away from this  LIVE online masterclass:


✔️Knowing where to find the gaps & weakest links in your sales funnel

✔️With proven strategies on how to fix & strengthen those weak links (so you can increase your revenue)

✔️Ready to conquer your sales funnel with easy-to-follow examples, bonus tips, and time for Q&As


Plus, if you show up LIVE, I'll be dropping some sweet bonuses and discounts (in time for Black Friday 😉🤫)!

Can't tune in live? I'll hook you up with a 7-day replay so you don't miss out.

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🎯 1000s of photographers and creative entrepreneurs have used this sales funnel strategy to BLOW UP their businesses!

This is the exact strategy I used to:


➤ Scale my wedding photography business to six figures within 12 months of launching

➤ Book over $23,000 worth of work in less than a month

➤ Coach thousands in my community to successfully grow and scale their own businesses


YOU too can take advantage of this simple but powerful strategy in your business. 🥳

Let's take action and get you those results ASAP 💨


'Cos I'm not here to waste your time.

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"This has literally transformed my business into a business"

"One of the biggest lessons was finding the holes in my sales funnel, and since I have been fine tuning that, I have inquiries and bookings than ever"

- Julie

"This month alone has brought it $30k of sales (within 3 weeks)"

"I haven’t even touched advertising yet. By far the biggest month of business in the 2.5 years. It’s the most I’ve ever charged in my business too!"

- George

Hey, I'm Jai Long!

A high-level business coach for photographers & creatives

I’ve been hustling hard and designing my dream life since 2013. Many of you have probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

But let’s be real for a sec, success doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t happen unless you get uncomfortable and push the boundaries to uncover the abundance of opportunities that await. You need to give and serve with purpose.

Since then, I’ve travelled the world to teach live events and present at the biggest photography conferences. I’ve successfully built several six and seven-figure businesses and am incredibly humbled.

I wasn't born successful, far from it in fact.

I grew up in government housing, dropped out of school, and experienced homelessness twice. I had a cafe business that failed and I remember when I thought it would be impossible to ‘make my break’, let alone make six figures with a camera.

With boundless potential, we’re stronger when we’re together.

Join this LIVE masterclass - for free!

You've poured your heart and soul into building an amazing business.

Why waste all your efforts if you're not fine-tuning your sales funnel? 

Let me show you how you can make more money, faster - without slaving away 24/7, sacrificing your personal life or burning endless cash on ads.

So have thousands of students and clients from my community.

Let's increase your revenue so you can can smash your 2024 financial goals...starting TODAY.