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Is it possible to increase your prices without losing clients?

Let's find out


If you're done selling yourself short and feeling undervalued for your hard work, I have just the thing for you!

My 3-Step Pricing Program is designed to help you increase your prices confidently and attract the higher-paying clients of your dreams.

Over three days, we'll dive into my comprehensive playbook that includes everything from understanding your worth to setting unbeatable rates.

And who knows... maybe you can finally break into the luxury market.



Do what you love AND love the money you make

With results like these, you too can increase your prices - with confidence - and attract clients who value YOU!

Why work harder when you can price smarter?

Say YES to...

Pricing with Purpose

A 3-day online workshop to sky-rocket your sales confidence and transform your biz

Join us LIVE over 3 days for just $497 $9

Tune in from anywhere and spend 3 epic days levelling up alongside your fellow creatives!

We'll cover how to:

Reset your current prices & goals

Build for sustainable profit

Scale for work-life freedom

Melbourne (GMT +11)

13 - 15th February

Starting at 10am each day.

Los Angeles (GMT -7)

12th - 14th February

Starting at 3pm each day.


Pricing Confidence + This Framework


Chances are you already know the pricing basics...but you’re playing it safe.

Time to hop off that hamster wheel and try a better method - one that has proven to work over and over again!

A simpler, more aligned strategy that will help you to earn more money AND land your dream clients. A strategy that doesn’t rely on you working endless hours, running costly ads, posting Instagram reels 24/7, or overhauling your entire website.

Whether you want to raise your prices to charge your worth, take care of your family, enjoy more work-life balance or crave the freedom to live a purpose-driven life...This is what ‘Pricing with Purpose’ is all about! To give you MORE time and money to do MORE of what you love.


I want to help you make the money that will get you there.



Regardless of your niche - weddings, families, lifestyle, branding or other - I want to help you nail your pricing strategy and level up your value. Get off the rusty hamster wheel of hit-and-miss hustling and start earning more money from your dream clients!


Let’s do your numbers and get confident on exactly how much you should be charging to reach your income goals.


Restructuring your pricing framework to maximise profits, we’ll cover how you can turn more enquiries into bookings.


Aligned with your purpose, we’ll optimise your sales funnel so it does the grinding while your business grows.


By the end of our 3-day workshop, you'll be pumped and ready to:

Confidently increase your prices

No more low-balling yourself, feeling deflated after client meetings or turning up to weddings half-arsed - it’s time to share your magic and charge your worth!

Attract higher-paying clients

From elevating your online presence to mastering upsells and ‘marketing’ your value with conviction, you’ll successfully attract and convert clients who are willing to pay.

Purposefully grow your business

Now that you have your pricing strategy down pat, you can focus your time and energy on purposeful creation and marketing - and make those unrealistic goals happen!

Enjoy more work-life freedom

Charging your worth, with repeatable profit margins in place, you’ll be working harder smarter. This frees your time and energy to do MORE of the things you love!


That's not all...I'VE GOT MORE FOR YOU 🎉

When you sign up, you'll enjoy 3 BONUS FREEBIES to elevate your biz even more!

PDF Workbook

Note down all your learnings and answer all the questions, so you can write your thoughts into reality!

7-Day Replay

Can't join us live for the full 3 days? No worries! Enjoy an additional week's FREE access to the replays.

Facebook Community

Connect with like-minded photographers and creatives so you can brainstorm your big ideas!


Here are all the details you need to know 

  • The ‘Pricing with Purpose’ workshop will be a 3-day online event - show up LIVE for best results.
  • Workshop videos will be played in our exclusive Facebook group.
  • 7-day replays will be available for you to rewatch or catch up on if you can't show up live


Starting at 10AM - 13, 14 & 15th February 2023

Los Angeles

Starting at 3PM - 12, 13 & 14th February 2023


Starting at 11PM - 12, 13 & 14th February 2023










3 DAYS FOR ONLY $497 $9

(Investing in your education is priceless - but by signing up today, you'll also be saving $488)



Hey 👋, I'm Jai Long!


A high-level business coach for wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs, you've probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

When I was first starting out, I wished I had a mentor to guide me through the highs and lows and keep me accountable. Someone to show me the ropes and teach me what works and what doesn’t to save me the time, energy and money that gets wasted on trial and error.

Beyond the liberation of financial success, the one thing I’m most proud of is the amazing community I’ve created. A like-minded community of photographers and creatives who are carving their own path, hundreds of whom have successfully built their own six-figure businesses and beyond.

It’s powerfully rewarding to support my community go through life-changing transformations, overhauling their mindsets and stepping into their empowered selves.

Why am I hosting this 3-day workshop for just $9?

A ticket for less than a deli sandwich or your favourite Starbucks frappuccino...Here's why.

1. I want you to escape the 9-5 grind...

Or quit the ‘struggling artist’ lifestyle and prove to your family, friends (and any negative Nancys) that you CAN make a successful living as a photographer/ creative.

If my 13,000+ students and clients are kicking goals, why can’t you?


2. If you read my story, you'll know I wasn't born into money...

Or simply became a 7-figure entrepreneur overnight.

I HAVE been where you are and I know what it’s like - I don’t want you to repeat my time-wasting mistakes and money-burning regrets.


3. And - I'll be honest...

I want you to attend this workshop, be blown away and be convinced that you NEED me as your business coach, whether it’s via my Six-Figure Business Map, 1:1 mentoring or other workshops.

 I want YOU to discover how easy it is to make more money and enjoy REAL RESULTS, without the added stress and guesswork.

"9 times out of 10 they sign the contract

and pay the deposit within an hour of me getting back to their first enquiry, which is crazy to me because I used to get ghosted more times than not."

- Kaity

Family & Lifestyle Photographer | Dusk 'Til Dawn Collective

"We just hit 6 figures for this year

and I freaking believe it. The old me would say "I can't believe it"...but man, this me can and does believe it."

- Cheyenne

Wedding Photographer | BYWATER Collective

Are you ready to invest $497 $9 into booking your dream clients?


I am so confident that you'll walk away from our 3-day workshop ready to conquer your pricing and transform your business, that I'm offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

Would you rather save $9 and potentially lose thousands of dollars from clients choosing someone else - OR - spend $9 and EARN thousands of dollars from clients who love you AND your work?

Your choice.