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For photographers and videographers, this ‘done for you’ Pricing Calculator will empower you to charge your worth - no more lowballing your hard work or time-wasting guesswork!



Are you unintentionally sabotaging yourself by undervaluing your services?


When it comes to your livelihood, it's incredibly important to take charge of your pricing strategy and shoot your best shot. Create the future life you've been dreaming of by quitting the niggling self-doubt and confusing guesswork!

Let's track your yearly income goal against your business expenses and calculate exactly how much you should be charging for each wedding to hit your big goals.

Manifest abundance by tackling your pricing with crystal-clear clarity and empowering your self-worth!

You deserve success.


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Customised to your personal financial goals, simply update the calculator to reflect your desired figures as your business grows!


This pricing calculator is what you NEED to make those income goals happen.🎯

The Plug-and-Play Calculator will give you:

The exact amount of weddings you need to book

 How much you should be charging each client

How much your business costs to run each week

How to reach your financial goals and become profitable.


Plus Bonuses!

✔️ BONUS 1: A training video on Price Guides from my Flagship course "Business Map"

✔️ BONUS 2: 1-hour [Live replay] training on the Importance of a Sales Funnel

Now for only $27!

Hey, I'm Jai Long!


A high-level business coach for wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs, you've probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

When I was first starting out, I wished I had a mentor to guide me through the highs and lows and keep me accountable. Someone to show me the ropes and teach me what works and what doesn’t to save me the time, energy and money that gets wasted on trial and error.

Beyond the liberation of financial success, the one thing I’m most proud of is the amazing community I’ve created. A like-minded community of photographers and creatives who are carving their own path, hundreds of whom have successfully built their own six-figure businesses and beyond.

It’s powerfully rewarding to support my community go through life-changing transformations, overhauling their mindsets and stepping into their empowered selves.

An all-in-one pricing calculator for photographers, videographers & creatives

Track your annual business expenses against your income goals and calculate exactly how much you should be charging.

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