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Do you ever feel like you are guessing your way through pricing?


When it comes to your livelihood, it's not worth keeping your expenses and your pricing to guess work.

Let's write down your yearly income goal, how much your business costs to run,  how many weddings you need to book and how much to charge per wedding to REACH YOUR GOALS!!

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There is nothing more empowering in business than having the clarity of how much you need to charge and how much profit you will make at the end of the year.

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The Plug-and-play Calculator will give you:

The exact amount of weddings you need to book

Exactly how much to price each wedding

How much your business costs to run each week

How to reach your financial goals and become profitable.

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Included is a training video on Price Guides from my Flagship course "Business Map"

Plus an hour [Live replay] training on the importance of a Sales Funnel

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Meet Jai

Jai Long, an award winning wedding photographer and photography educator, host of the wildly popular podcast Make Your Break and is often found speaking at the biggest wedding photography workshops and conferences all over the world.