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21-Day Challenge: Start, Build & Grow Your Email List


Are you a passionate creator or aspiring entrepreneur with a game-changing digital course idea?

Now, imagine having an engaged email list of 300+ subscribers who are just as excited to learn from you and invest in your expertise.🤯

The first step to making (and selling) your idea into reality is by nurturing your dream audience. So, stop imagining and start taking action!


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Starts on the 1st of November!



Turn your dream of a thriving email list into a reality.


🌟 Why Join the Challenge? 🌟


🎯 Build Your Dream Audience: Grow and nurture an email list of 300+  subscribers or more – attract their attention, earn their trust, and get them hyped about your offer!


🔥 Launch Your Digital Course: Once you've built your list, you'll have a ready-to-convert audience to sell your digital course to, ensuring a successful launch.


🌐 Expand Your Reach: Learn how to reach a wider audience online, boost your online presence, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.


📅 Weekly Video Sessions: Gain invaluable insights and strategies during our weekly 60-minute video sessions, where we'll delve into the latest list-building techniques, marketing strategies, and more.


🚀 Challenge Welcome Party: A lively welcome party to kick off your journey - meet fellow challengers, set your goals, and get pumped for the challenge ahead.


🤝 Community & Accountability: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey. Stay motivated and accountable with our support and encouragement.


🎁 Prizes & Recognition: Get the chance to win exciting prizes and be recognised for your achievements throughout the challenge! We celebrate your success every step of the way.



No, you don't have to spend all your time coming up with content for your emails...


It's about - quickly and easily - getting your content in front of those who already want it and are prepared to take action!


Think about the grand scheme of things, dedicating a small amount of time to establish your email list upfront will pay off on launch day.

For a successful launch, people need to already know, like, and trust your offer.

With an existing email list, you'll be able to create content, announce offers, and make a huge return on your initial investment...rather than launching to crickets.👀

Be proactive and invest your time wisely!



What you'll walk away with after completing our 21-Day Challenge



An Email List

Discover the most effective ways to attract, engage, and convert your target audience into loyal subscribers.

Content Creation Mastery

Learn how to create high-value content that resonates with your audience and compels them to join your email list.

Email Marketing Essentials

Master the art of email marketing, from crafting compelling newsletters to nurturing your subscribers.

Social Media Promotion

Harness the power of social media to expand your reach and drive even more traffic to your opt-in pages.

++ PLUS ++

BONUS FREEBIES to elevate your biz even more!


Weekly 60-minute LIVE training sessions with Jai Long.

🎁 7-Day Replay

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Hey, I'm Jai Long!

A high-level business coach for creative entrepreneurs

You're ready to launch your own career in education - but - you're trapped by self doubts like "how do these experts make it look so damn easy? Why am I not getting the same results?! What's the big secret??"

That's why I'm so relieved that you're here. Because I'm pulling back the curtains to reveal all those "secrets"!

Since 2020, we've built a huge email list that has generated over $7M in sales since 2020 - you'll be learning the exact same strategies we've used in this 21-Day List-Building Challenge!

Let's spend these next 21 days growing together and hitting some major milestones along the way.

With boundless potential, we’re stronger when we’re together.

Join us in this 21-Day List-Building Challenge

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