Free the Bird Lightroom Presets 

Swap your editing burnouts with effortless workflow bliss 🙌


We've all been there...going cross-eyed, clinging onto your last thread of sanity as you survive yet another editing binge-fest. When really, all you want is to get back out there and do what you LOVE - capturing memories, celebrating stories and making art. 

Ready to halve your editing time while achieving a signature look and aesthetic consistency? You'll want NEED these done-for-you Adobe Lightroom Presets. 


Let's speed up your workflow so you can get back to LOVING life


If you want to spend less time editing and more time shooting, Lightroom presets are an absolute no-brainer. With just one click, you can transform the base look and feel of your images IN BULK.  Rather than starting from scratch, all it takes is a few subtle retouches and tweaks and you'll be good to go!


Using my 'Free the Bird' Lightroom Preset Pack, you'll be able to:


✔ Save time & creative energy

✔ Streamline your workflow with batch editing

✔ Give your galleries a consistent, cohesive look

✔ Lay the groundwork to start exploring & creating your own editing style

✔ Enjoy more work-life balance

Get my FTB Preset Pack today for ONLY $99


Less fiddling around. More creating, more shooting.

...because your art deserves to be celebrated

 What You'll Get with this 'Free the Bird' Preset Pack

2 x Moody Presets

One colour preset and one black/white preset to create a darker, moodier look. Perfect for portraits, getting ready and dancefloor photos.

2 x Bright Presets

One colour preset and one black/white preset for backlit, brighter situations like an outdoor ceremony or portraits on a sunny day.

Complete Instruction Guide

The guide includes installation instructions for Mac and Windows and usage tips to make them your own.


Images edited with #freethebirdpresets for your inspo

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Streamline your workflow to win back your time & creative energy ✨


Rather than slaving away at your computer for hours - lost in Lightroom's endless panels and sliders - these done-for-you presets will effortlessly speed up your editing while ensuring consistency.

Simply apply the preset, adjust to your fancy and voilà, we're done, baby!

Spend less time in Lightroom, there's a world out there waiting to be explored.

Purchase the FTB Presets for $99 today