How to Follow Up Your Enquiries (without feeling pushy!)


You've just received a new enquiry from a potential dream client...we're talking dream venue and dream vibes. Congratulations!! Without hesitation, you respond to their enquiry with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

You thought you aced it - but it's been a couple of days/ week response. Dang it!

Have they ghosted you? Do you suck it up and move on? Or should you follow up? Hint: ALWAYS FOLLOW UP!

Download 3 MUST-HAVE Email Templates for Following Up

This is the easiest (least cringiest) way to follow up your "ghosted" enquiries!

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Sick and tired of being "ghosted" all the time?

You've put so much thought into your response to their initial enquiry and to not receive ANY response can feel like a sucker punch in the gut...ugh, it's the worst feeling.

But before you assume they've "ghosted" you, remember that there's a chance that they've simply not had the time/ chance to reply to you properly or are waiting to discuss it with their partner first.

If you're worried that your first email has gotten lost in their inbox, make sure you FOLLOW UP! 

Stop missing out on your dream opportunities!

You CAN follow up on "ghosted" enquiries without coming across as "desperate" or "pushy" by using the right language.

In your PDF, you'll find:


💛 1 email template for the first follow up

💛 1 email template for the second follow up

💛 1 email template for the third (final) follow up

💛 Helpful tips for personalising your emails

Follow Up Their Enquiry with Confidence (so they don't ghost you) 🤩

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