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Do you have what it takes to add a digital course to your business?

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More Offers = More Value + More Money

If you've been pondering the idea of creating educational content to better serve your community while generating extra income for your business, then you're going to want to read on...  


(Even if you’re starting from zero😉)

Want to make more money in less time? This training is for you! 

Lets hash out the right idea to get your course off the ground!

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Maybe you're a...


▸ wedding photographer looking to get some weekends back by generating more passive income

▸videographer who wants to launch a digital course for other aspiring content creators

▸parent who craves more time with your family and take on less clients in 2024


Whoever you are and whatever your goals, this is for you!


The possibilities are endless, but first...


You need to pick a profitable 
topic for your educational offer.

Not all topics are profitable and not all niches are scalable. 


So I want to help you make sure - from day one - that you are on the right track towards achieving your financial goals.

In this value-packed webinar, you’ll discover:


🧲 A crucial exercise for creating an irresistible offer magnet that attracts your ideal clients to your course. I'll step you through my Idea Evaluation Checklist so you know that your idea ticks all the boxes for a successful launch.


🚀 Copy is the ultimate fuel. Steal my ‘Copy Fuel’ strategy that you can use to to stockpile amply fuel for launching your rocket ship off the ground. The more copy inspo you have, the easier it will be to craft emails, market opt-in pages, and make every touchpoint irresistible!


💪 The game-changing strategy you can use right now to validate and transform the ideas swirling in your head into a profitable course topic. I’ll walk you through how to uncover your unique strengths and turn them into a new revenue stream.

BONUS FREEBIES designed to help you scale your business! 

Idea Evaluation Checklist

A proven checklist to filter and validate your ideas, so you can confidently take action and make progress.

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Offers & Discounts

Juicy discounts and bonuses for our flagship programs, including the long-awaited 'Course Launcher'!


Win a year's subscription to Kajabi, the ultimate course platform to get you started!

Valued at over $1,500


Kajabi is the program we use to host our online courses, events and marketing funnels.

At the end of the live webinar, I will announce a winner for this amazing prize.

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Did you know you're sitting on knowledge that you could be turning into passive income?  Isn’t it time you cashed in?

If you didn’t know before, you do now → your knowledge is the MOST powerful asset you have. An asset that no one else can lay claim to or steal from you.

It's time to turn your unique self (and incredible knowledge) into an idea that can help you scale your business and create passive income.

Let's unlock the money that’s already waiting for you in your inbox.

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