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Selling is one of the most important business skills...but, trust me, nobody's born with smooth-talking, hair-slicking sales confidence.

With practice, focus, and purpose-driven clarity, YOU can master the art and science of selling - without the cringe.



Learn exactly how you can sell almost ANYTHING to ANYONE - and have fun while you're at it!

"After listening to Jai's podcast on Monday I decided to check my sales (which I haven't checked all year) and I've literally JUST hit #250k."

"Since joining the course, we have doubled our enquiries, employed someone to help with video editing and really grown our business."

"In just under year I have managed to double my salary, book 32 weddings + elopements, and overall just run a kick ass thriving business."

With results like these, why would you want you to keep wasting time, fumbling over (and avoiding) selling to people who WANT to buy from you?

Say YES to...

Sales with Purpose

A 3-day online workshop to sky-rocket your sales confidence and transform your biz

Join us LIVE for just $497 $9

Tune in from anywhere and spend 3 epic days levelling up alongside your fellow creatives!

Melbourne (GMT +11)

13 - 15th September

Starting at 10am each day.

Los Angeles (GMT -7)

12th - 14th September

Starting at 5pm each day.


Successful selling doesn't just increase your revenue, it also:


✔️Creates a better Client Experience

✔️Helps you to be sold on your own services

✔️ Improves your communication and negotiation skills

✔️Empowers your bullet-proof confidence across all areas of business


Rather than spending all your time and energy chasing new sales and cold-calling clients, you'll be able to focus on doing MORE of what you LOVE - and achieve MORE work-life freedom.

That's always the goal, isn't it?


Guest Speakers...

Berkley McGaughey

Wedding Photographer - Florida

Ashley Holstein

Wedding Photographer - Nashville

Emily Steward

Wedding Photographer - Tulsa

Let's pull back the curtains. No more secrets.

I'm dishing up my fool-proof sales strategy and formulas to set you up for guaranteed ka-ching! ka-ching! success.

Are you ready to go from...

"Why is everyone ghosting me? Am I too expensive? Am I not good enough? 😭"


"F*ck yeah, time to close my books for 2022 and go on that damn holiday, baby!🥳"

Set your alarm and get your pen and workbook ready!

Regardless of your niche - weddings, family, lifestyle, branding or other - I want to help you nail your sales process and fill your books. Get off the rusty hamster wheel of mindless hustling and start booking your dream clients!


The first step to transforming your business (and life) is by shifting your mindset.

Let go of your self-limiting beliefs and the guilt around selling and you'll learn how to close the sale EVERY TIME.


Discover how you can attract dream clients who are ready to invest in you and your magic.

We'll dive into how you can create irresistible desire that will have them lining up in your inbox.


You're almost at the finish line! Time to put everything into practice.

Explore how you can confidently overcome objections while emphasising 'act fast' urgency (without being pushy) to fill your books.


Book the clients you love.

Clients who love you back.

You're probably thinking "if sales is so easy, why hasn't everyone else caught on? What's the catch?"

There's no catch. Selling isn't as hard as you've been taught to believe. You CAN become a sales machine without losing your authenticity or feeling sleazy. 

How? Listen, solve, and serve. But don't worry, I'll break my exact sales process down and walk you through it all!

By the end of our 3-day workshop, you'll be pumped and ready to:

Attract Dream Clients

You'll have a clear understanding of how you can successfully create desire around your work, automatically magnetising your dream clients.

Sell with Confidence

No more second-guessing your value or half-arsing your "sales pitch". The more sold you are on your services, the more people will sell themselves on you!

Overcome Objections

Tackle those dreaded "you're out of our budget" type objections with assured clarity. Empower them to make the best decision for themselves (by booking you!)

Fill Your Books

Building on my proven sales formula to create trust, desire, and urgency, you'll start filling your books - effortlessly. Practice makes perfect!


We can do sales without being salesy!


3 DAYS FOR ONLY $497 $9

(Investing in your education is priceless - but by signing up today, you'll also be saving $488)



That's not all...I'VE GOT MORE FOR YOU 🎉

When you sign up, you'll enjoy 3 BONUS FREEBIES to elevate your biz even more!

PDF Workbook

Note down all your learnings and answer all the questions, so you can write your thoughts into reality!

7-Day Replay

Can't join us live for the full 3 days? No worries! Enjoy an additional week's FREE access to the replays.

Offers & Discounts

Take advantage of my digital toolkit, filled with over $1000 worth of promos for all your favourite brands!

Hey, I'm Jai Long!

A high-level business coach for photographers & creatives

I’ve been hustling hard and designing my dream life since 2015. Many of you have probably heard about me from the Six-Figure Business Map online course, Wedding Photography Summit or my ‘Make Your Break’ chart-topping podcast.

But let’s be real for a sec, success doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t happen unless you get uncomfortable and push the boundaries to uncover the abundance of opportunities that await. You need to give and serve with purpose.

Since then, I’ve travelled the world to teach live events and present at the biggest photography conferences. I’ve successfully built several six and seven-figure businesses and am incredibly humbled.

I wasn't born successful, far from it in fact.

I grew up in government housing, dropped out of school, and experienced homelessness twice. I had a cafe business that failed and I remember when I thought it would be impossible to ‘make my break’, let alone make six figures with a camera.

With boundless potential, we’re stronger when we’re together.

"9 times out of 10 they sign the contract"

"and pay the deposit within an hour of me getting back to their first enquiry, which is crazy to me because I used to get ghosted more times than not."

- Kaity

Family & Lifestyle Photographer | Dusk 'Til Dawn Collective

"We just hit 6 figures for this year"

"and I freaking believe it. The old me would say "I can't believe it"...but man, this me can and does believe it."

- Cheyenne

Wedding Photographer | BYWATER Collective

3 DAYS. 3 STEPS. $9

To elevate your sales confidence and build a truly amazing business that's aligned with your heart-led purpose and quit the second guessing? Priceless.

I did it - without slaving away 24/7, sacrificing my personal life or burning endless cash on ads.

So have thousands of students and clients from my community.

Now it's your turn to become your own success story.

Why am I hosting this 3-day workshop for just $9?

A ticket for less than a deli sandwich or your favourite Starbucks frappuccino...Here's why.

1. I want you to escape the 9-5 grind...

Or quit the ‘struggling artist’ lifestyle and prove to your family, friends (and any negative Nancys) that you CAN make a successful living as a photographer/ creative.

If my 13,000+ students and clients are kicking goals, why can’t you?


2. If you read my story, you'll know I wasn't born into money...

Or simply became a 7-figure entrepreneur overnight.

I HAVE been where you are and I know what it’s like - I don’t want you to repeat my time-wasting mistakes and money-burning regrets.


3. And - I'll be honest...

I want you to attend this workshop, be blown away and be convinced that you NEED me as your business coach, whether it’s via my Six-Figure Business Map, 1:1 mentoring or other workshops.

 I want YOU to discover how easy it is to make more money and enjoy REAL RESULTS, without the added stress and guesswork.

Let me guess... You hate SALES!


You're not alone...most of us do because it doesn't feel natural. 

All you want to do is take photos everyday and live the dream. 

Life would be SO MUCH easier if you could skip the awkward sales bit and jump straight to creating memories for your clients, right?!

I get it!

Here's the thing - you're already AMAZING at sales. You just don't know it yet.

I'll show you the simple steps I used to scale my wedding photography biz upwards of $500k per year.

It's a lot of fun and I know you will ENJOY selling your offers to those that LOVE what you do.


Are you ready to invest $497 $9 into booking your dream clients?


I am so confident that you'll walk away from our 3-day workshop ready to conquer your sales fears and transform your business, that I'm offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

Would you rather save $9 and potentially lose thousands of dollars from clients choosing someone else - OR - spend $9 and EARN thousands of dollars from clients who love you AND your work?

Your choice.